Meeting on Polymorphism in Bologna

International School on HP-HT Mineral Physics: Implications for Geosciences

La AIC ha stanziato due borse per contribuire alle spese di viaggio di giovani soci.

16th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Crystallography

Layered Materials: Structure and Properties

La AIC ha stanziato due borse per giovani soci AIC.

Summer School on Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography

Informazioni dettagliate sul Convegno e sulle modalità di partecipazione sono reperibili sull sito: La AIC ha offerto 2 borse di studio da 240euro ciascuna per giovani soci.

From Molecules to Medicines : Integrating Crystallography in Drug Discovery

the 40th crystallographic meeting at Erice

5th European Charge Density Meeting in conjunction with DFG 1178

The conference is organized by CNR-ISTM Milan, University of Insubria at Como, University of Milan and DFG 1178 . Grants are reserved for young AIC members.

Workshop on simultaneous Raman-X-ray diffraction/absorption studies

Structure Determination from Powder Diffraction Data

A Hands‐on Workshop on X‐rays, Synchrotron Radiation and Neutron Diffraction Techniques

Summer School on Periodic Structures and Crystal Chemistry

Learning from and for the Planet Earth
1st SIMP-AIC Joint Meeting

Structure and models in Earth, Materials, Life Sciences

Scuola Nazionale di Chimica Bioinorganica